Venezuela – Could It Get Any Worse (Yes)

I live in Colombia and of course we’re right next to Venezuela and there are lots of Venezuelans here. By a remarkable twist of fate, my girlfriend is Venezuelan too. So, I’m interested in what’s going on in Venezuela for multiple reasons. But ‘Yes’, Venezuela is really a mess right now. Butto  be honest, I wonder to what degree they might have brought it on themselves by putting all their eggs in one basket (i.e. oil) and simultaneously electing a socialist ignoramus like Maduro. Anyway….it is what it is and here are a few articles I’ve seen about it lately.
If nothing besides the banknotes change, the government of Nicolás Maduro might have to cut five more zeros in a matter of months, if not weeks.
It’s been a few months since I’ve traveled to Medellin– I have a number of investments and business interests in this region, and I like to check in on them from time to time. Plus, Medellin is a…
Socialist hellhole continues to be a warning to the world
Reaching for the faucet felt like a frustrating game of chance for Elizabeth Robles.
In recent weeks, the South American nation of Venezuela has been embroiled in a conflict that’s spilled onto the streets. As citizens become increasingly vocal in their protests and their attempts to effect social change, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is staring down the barrel of a…
Black market vendors for food and medicines have been accepting cryptocurrencies for years in Venezuela, but more and more merchants are publicly identifying as crypto friendly to avoid the Venezuelan bolivar.
Venezuela is set to launch a new fiat currency pegged to its oil-backed cryptocurrency Petro next month, according to its leader Nicolas Maduro.
Venezuela’s president Nicolás Maduro announced that the country’s new national currency will be anchored to cryptocurrency Petro.
Amid the economic crisis in Venezuela, at least $1.2 billion was stolen from the state-owned oil and gas company with the help of an international network of professional money launderers, according to U.S. Department of Justice officials in Miami.
The IMF has drastically upped its inflation prediction, with people unable to afford food and medicine – even as Nicolás Maduro tightens his grip on power
Venezuela’s highly subsidized gasoline, cheaper than anywhere in the world, could be more expensive starting next month. Why? The smallest coin that will be available in the market will be enough to fill 100 SUV tanks.
Overcrowding, estimated at 250 percent, is spilling over from prisons to jails and simple police lock-ups and is exposing prisoners to disease, starvation and violence.
A cup of coffee in Venezuela now costs 2 million bolivars #tictocnews (Source: Bloomberg)
Be nice to people on the way up because you’ll meet them on the way down. Venezuelans learn the hard way.
Burro, or donkey, herds have nearly disappeared in one section of Venezuela as thousands were slaughtered for their meat by hungry Venezuelans suffering through a near-famine.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has refused to recognize the country’s hyperinflationary problem and has no plan to address it, a former finance minister, who served under the late socialist leader Hugo Chavez, said in an interview.

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Wandering Salseros Are Renaissance Men (or Women)

 WanderingSalseros Are Renaissance Men (or Women)                   

I’ve had the domain name, “” and a blog by that name for many years  but most people don’t know where the name came from. The answer actually relates to two separate ideas.

The name “salsa” (also meaning ‘sauce’ in Spanish) cames from the fact that “Salsa”, the dance style, supposedly originated from an amalgam of other music and dance styles. Such an evolutionary process is, of course, what tends to drive most progress in society. That’s not hard to understand.

Relating to my editorial policy for my blog, one thing I’ve always struggled with personally is how broad a mix of ‘elements’ to include in my “WanderingSalsero” blog. The problem is that I’ve always considered everything in life to be related and the idea of “salsa” sort of describes the story of my life.

Over the course of time, I have tended to gravitate toward a more broader mix of subjects on rather than defining my ‘readership’ as only those Pinochio-esqe readers whose life is composed of nothing but ‘having fun’.

Actually I tend to think of the ‘wanderingsalsero‘ as a Renaissance Man. At least to the extent that a true Wandering Salsero should have broad interests and knowledge. But I believe it’s almost impossible to have fun in a life where you have no idea of the things going on around you.

This is all to explain why I want to share the following article, which you could reasonably describe as ‘political’, and which has nothing to do with music or dancing. I am putting it here is because I think Dick Morris is such a fantastically smart guy.

Dick is the kind of guy who, if he were a college professor, his class would always be packed to the doors.

And not only is he simply knowledgeable about his subject!

He also knows how to explain it. He really makes politics (and related subjects) interesting. Almost to the point where, if I had other lives to live, I would consider the field of politics.

Anyway… here’s the link to the short video he sent out today. I think you’ll like it.

I would also recommend you subscribe to his daily email messages. They are very short, very precise, and always very topical.

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