Colombia Travel Article Collection March 19, 2018

Travel to Colombia by air
Air Travel To Colombia

For my readers who might someday want to come see Colombia, here is an article to help your trip planning. The following articles pertain to ‘getting a good airfare deal to Colombia’, how to get around in Medellin (one of the ‘must see’ cities in Colombia, and a suggestion of a place to see once you’re here.

I believe letting people who really have a lot of knowledge to offer have the presentation spotlight so rather than try to make it sound like I know more than I do, I found some articles which I think have good information.

Medellin Area Airports

In this collection of curated articles about Colombia you’ll learn more about the two major airports in the Medellin area, i.e. Olaya Herrera Airport (formerly the main Medellin airport but now used mostly for regional flights) and Jose Maria Cordova International Airport (the biggest and most international airport in the Medellin area).

You’ll find a good article about getting from the  ‘Jose Maria’ into Medellin (it’s a 40″ drive but actually very scenic). In essence, there are multiple ways:

  • Have a friend pick you up
  • Have Uber pick you up
  • Take the bus (you’ll always found them at the curb on the lower level by baggage pick-up)
  • Take a taxi (but it’ll cost you about $20 US.

Saving Money on Airfares To and Within Colombia

You’ll also find some articles about the various options for airline travel within Colombia and how you can cope with the practical disadvantage of being (presumably) a non-Spanish-speaking foreigner.

Last but not least I give you a good article about the interesting tour of Pablo Escobar’s home and ranch just outside of Medellin. I have a good friend who is a tour guide on that tour. If you want his contact info, let me know.

For any of you bloggers reading this, you might be interested that what you’re reading right now is written in my actual WordPress blog but the article collection was written in some curation software I use and then I pasted the HTML code into the blog UI.

I plan on doing that a lot more because I think it’s a quicker way to bring you massive amounts of information. Let me know if there are any other Colombia-centric subjects you have an interest in and, if I can, I’ll find some information about them.

Keep those feet moving!!

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Getting Around The City of Medellin Colombia

Anybody visiting or living in Medellin, Colombia is sooner or later going to either want to or need to use one of the abundant taxis in Medellin. But worry not because it’s a very safe, economical, and enjoyable experience.

I used Google maps in this video to show you how the city is laid out and I also pointed out a few of the first spots I would recommend you see.

They were (1) Medellin Botanical Garden, (2) Parque Arvi, and (3) Cerro Volador. Actually, I pulled these videos off Youtube and, you know, I never realized how common it was for people to ruin videos by trying to be too cool. I’ve actually got plenty of raw video and image footage of all three of these places but I do not have a video editor I like yet.

Soon I will start using more of my own videos. I hate videos that are ruined by the wrong music, silliness, or pretense. But regardless, Medellin is beautiful and you will love it if you visit. Note: Retirement visas are pretty easy to get too.